USDA Black Angus Hanger Steak (Onglet)

USDA Black Angus Hanger Steak (Onglet)


This is a great Hanger Steak, providing fantastic value for money. We tried this rare and medium rare and it rewarded us with great texture and really packs an abundance of strong flavours. Out of all the steaks in this price bracket we tasted for this week's offers (all of which tasty), this one easily stood out as the best. 


You will often find that good samples of this cut of meat (sometimes also called a butcher’s steak) are not easily available, as butchers apparently like to hang on to it for their own consumption. Well, we managed to get some and highly recommend it!

This offer is priced at a steak size of at least 200g

Your meat will arrive in a cooling pouch. Put in fridge and enjoy within 3 days. Make sure you serve this medium rare. We will cut it to a thickness best suited for this.